About the band

Joris Koch

Saxophone & Clarinet

Camiel van Wersch


Fleur Dusschooten


Daan Hooijenga


David Kingma


Bas Scheepmaker


Jon te Lintelo

Double bass

Sjoerd Heuseveldt


Stijn Kral


Who we are:

Jazz band The Able Bodied Seamen is a student band from Wageningen that has existed for many years now.
Founded in 1988 by four enthusiastic students who simply wanted to make good, joyfull music and go to parties, the band has grown to nine people who can't help but still pursue the same purpose, but now all over Europe.
The band was established at the student association KSV St. Franciscus Xaverius in Wageningen. Therefore, it consists exclusively of student members,. The formation has been changing regularly, giving us already a network of about 100 old-members. Almost every year there is a change of one to two members, giving us a fresh look at our music without losing sight of the good old dixie jazz. Also because, there's a good change some old member likes to join in for a concert to enjoy playing with the band and keep an eye on our performing-level.

Because that's what the band is all about!
Making the charactericing music dixie jazz, alongside blues and slow jazz performances. This great and swinging jazz style, originally from New Orleans, seemed to our founders the perfect party music, which calmly played by jazz musicians, all of a sudden turns into proper dining-music. The repertoire of the ABS consists of variations of both calm and energetic jazz classics, a large part of their own repertoire and a few side-trips to blues.

All in all, this combination of old but timeless jazz and a set of enthusiastic musical students always makes for an extremely successful performance.
We've had the honour and experience to play on many festivals, parties and festivals already. For example, we play each year at Breda's jazz festival and on May 5 at the Liberation Festival in Wageningen. Furthermore, we are an ideal band for weddings, gala's and other parties. We also traditionally travel to the bay of St. Tropez in France every summer, where we can make the best dixie tunes on the street and in different restaurants, beach tents, ports and boats. To get an idea of how this looks, you are welcome to take a look at the pictures.

In the meantime, I would love to say...



The Able Bodied Seamen
Jon te Lintelo
Stadsbrink 373
6707 AA Wageningen

The Able Bodied Seamen

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